Sharp writing... sweet-hearted... naughty... Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kilgore and Ms. Lawrence share an easy familiarity.
-Dan Gold, The New York Times

This brilliant comedy is never over-the-top. It is cleverly phrased and nimbly played as theory versus reality... The surprises are many and the ending is superb. A tasty, racy, bite of the forbidden that can be enjoyed guilt-free.
-Karen D’Onofrio, Electronic Link Journey

Amusing and fast-paced... a rousing examination of sex and love. I instantly feel engaged... a testament to Brandt’s ‘get-to-the-point’ script... and Alex Kilgore’s razor-sharp direction.
-Brett Epstein,

A clever script and a talented cast... highly entertaining... rife with clever dialogue... this play is packed with talent.
-Adrienne Urbansky, Theatre Is Easy

Johnson and Lawrence are both expert underplayers who find the comedy without pushing. Lawrence is an unexpected delight as the eager, giddy Katherine, giving a smart, good-time-gal performance...
-Mark Peikert, Backstage

Just Sex is thoroughly enjoyable, and very well performed by the four actors...
-Joe Meyers, Hearst Media


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